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High Performance Academy
at Peninsula Racquet Club


Peninsula Racquet Club is the home of one of the Best Junior Programs in the Country.  Under the keen eye of Oliver Messerli, the Director of Tennis at PRC, young athletes are poised to develop and learn through the many fun and challenging programs that have been specifically designed to nurture kids through each stage of their tennis development.

Whether your child aspires to be a world ranked player or play tennis in college or high school…or is simply interested in exploring and learning a new sport and building solid tennis fundamentals, The TennisPower Academy is a program that addresses and builds each level of your child’s tennis future.

Our goal is make it fun yet challenging based on the players goals and level of play. The TennisPower System takes young athletes and develops them from the beginner level through the Tennis for Tots Program all the way through to our Elite Level for those aspiring to compete at the ATP / WTA / ITF / USTA National level.

The TennisPower Academy methodology will develop impeccable technique, incredible physical condition and a mental edge that sets our players up for success on and off the court.


Coach Oliver Messerli has worked with top players on the WTA and ATP Tour, including the former #1 Ranked Doubles Team in the World, Lisa Raymond and Renee Stubbs, former #2 Ranked Player in the World, Mary Pierce, and ATP Tour players like Jason Jung and many others. He currently works with ATP Players and Top Nationally Ranked Juniors right here in the south bay.

His passion is to develop young talent, challenge an athlete’s boundaries, and guide them to recognize their ability to succeed at the highest tournament level.

Winter 2018
Runs October 15 through December 21

Peninsula Racquet Club Fall-Winter Junior Tennis Schedule 2018

Find Out Which Level Is Best for Your Junior Player


Up Your Game!

Peninsula Racquet Club JuniorsTennisPower High Performance Program is designed to accelerate tournament players into more competitive national players.

Training includes daily mental goal-setting, fitness, tactical/ technical drills and muscle repetition. This program is encouraged for players who strive to play USTA National /Advanced-Intermediate Tournaments.

It will challenge players to work on their strokes through repetitive drilling and point play.  We also work on doubles skills improving hand/eye reaction time and doubles movement along with quick hand drill and doubles games. The environment is very competitive yet fun and engaging.  Players are developing and learning through competitive games and point play.  The focus of this group training is very similar to the Elite Training Program.


  • Ground Strokes
  • Serving/Returning
  • Explosive Footwork
  • Transitional Play/Aggressive/Defensive
  • Volleys


  • Establish Routines and Preparation
  • Champions Mindset
  • Training resiliency/Resetting
  • Match Toughness 


  • Match analysis
  • Analyzing opponents strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding different playing styles
  • Developing weapons/Utilizing Weapons


  • Better Returns
  • Understanding when to use pace vs. spin
  • Utilizing specific Serves Volleys

TennisPower High Performance Academy at Peninsula Racquet Club

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Join the Fun!

Peninsula Racquet Club JuniorsTennisPower FutureStars Program is designed to accelerate player development towards becoming a USTA Tournament Player.  AM training consists of goal-setting, ball control, fitness and technical drills.  Players must meet minimum skills level to join class and are currently playing Team Tennis, USTA Satellite or Lower Level Open Tournaments. At this level we will always work with players changing between green dot and normal tennis balls to help wit the transition and also help develop tactically between the various balls and playing styles. We feel its essential for young players to understand and master different point structures with green dot balls which ultimately prepares them to plan out points in a very advanced way.

Learning through Fun

  • Movement Games
  • Hand/Eye coordination
  • Doubles Games
  • Team Games
  • Balance/Speed Challenges


  • Ground Strokes
  • Serving/Returning
  • Explosive Footwork
  • Transitional Play/Aggressive/Defensive
  • Volleys

Match Strategy

  • Match analysis
  • Analyzing opponents strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding different playing styles
  • Developing weapons/Utilizing Weapons

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TennisPower Tennis for Tots training at Peninsula Racquet Club


Get Out and Play!

TennisPower Tennis For Tots is designed to accelerate both young and older beginner players. The goal is to develop motor skills towards becoming an efficient tennis player through instruction, drills, exercises and fun games.

Tennis for Tots is the equivalent of Little League baseball, AYSO soccer or youth basketball. Designed by the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the governing body of tennis in the United States, this innovative program was launched in 2008. All QuickStart programs, including ours at Peninsula Racquet Club include lessons and playing opportunities that aim to make tennis more accessible to children ages 5-10. We try and guide young players through a series of transitional stages.

Customization makes the game accessible right away

  • Graduated sizes of racquets
  • lower-bouncing balls
  • and scaled-down court sizes

The result? Players learn to rally faster and enjoy the game sooner. Children eventually move to full-court tennis and a lifelong love of the game.

Why Tennis for Tots Tennis works

Our highly successful approach overcomes the factors that often intimidate young players such as: full-sized courts, full-sized racquets, and standard high bouncing balls.

Many of these hurdles deter young kids from trying the game of tennis and make tennis instruction more like a lesson in frustration!We feel QuickStart is the polar opposite. It offers a “real tennis” experience but is scaled down for children in every way from equipment to court size. Youngsters can start playing during their first lesson, making the game enjoyable.

We feel this is the perfect way to introduce  young boys and girls to the game!

Tennis For Tots Stages of Play


The first QuickStart stage is for beginners ages 3-6. Customized for the smallest players, it features a 36’ x 18’ court, large red foam/felt balls and 19” racquets. The balls bounce lower and travel less distance. This means children can control the ball and racquet, develop proper swing technique and get a real sense of playing the game.


This stage is for players ages 5 to 8 who can consistently hit the ball over the net with the instructor. Still using the smaller courts and 21” racquets, players now work with large red felt balls and learn basic technique for forehand, backhand, volley and serve.


When children ages 6 to 9 can maintain an extended rally with the instructor and use basic tennis techniques, they move to the orange stage — generally for 6 to 18 months. Now they play on larger courts, 60’ x 21’, with racquets that range from 23” to 25.” They also use a low-compression ball that travels a little faster and farther than in previous stages. Students are taught intermediate technique for footwork, net play, and serves as well as basic strategy, how to play points and keep score.


This stage is for students ages 8 to 12 who can rally, place the ball with intention, place the volley for winners when necessary and are beginning to understand strategy and tactics. Players move to regulation size courts and use green felt balls to continue learning the game for 6 to 18 months.


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